When Queens Bridge The Gap

When Queens Bridge The Gap

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be someone else because being you wasn’t good enough? Too many young girls get caught up in needing to be accepted by society as a means to confirm their self-worth. We live in an era where social media heavily influences the way girls and women view themselves and others just like them. In most cases, this influence creates a negative stigma around supporting and uplifting our women because competition gets more attention. So I ask, when do we shift the narrative and get more involved in leading this discussion while being a positive representation for the Queens coming up behind us? The answer is NOW.In this book you will become equipped with the tools that you need to:● Embrace your individuality● Understand your worth● Remove and avoid toxic relationships● Establish and reinforce self-love● Respond to societal pressures● Self-reflect and take ownership● Learn about Life Coaching and its benefits● Jump-start your journey to finding true purpose Shenaé Pitts was born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan. Growing up in a small city made her realize early on that she wanted to stand out, be different and make a positive impact on those around her. Being a natural born leader allowed her to take a stance on topics that she felt strongly about, and work to be a part of the solution. She turned her 6+ years of expertise in coaching and developing into a career. She became a Certified Life Coach to assist young girls and women manifest the life they want to live. Shenae chose this particular career because she understands the struggle of balancing life and making time for yourself. With this, her very own life coaching business idea was birthed, putting her in full control of her purpose. As an entrepreneur she plans to learn the ropes and share her knowledge to help others be successful as well. Why? Because there’s enough opportunity for everyone to win. This is just the beginning, so please continue to follow her successful journey as she works to change the lives of others.



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